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Mandarin Enrichment Center

Professional and experienced teachers with the best learning system

Based on Zhong Xin’s students’ language learning patterns, Zhong Xin has specialized in developing new learning systems and methods to help students master Mandarin more effectively and build their confidence with personal development.


Report Card Grade Improve


Continuing to study & stay in China


Mandarin practice skills improved greatly.


Increasing the distribution of students from various schools.

Our Program

HTTP Learning System

We do not only educate, teach and give knowledge. We serve with a sincere heart to understand students. We believe that every student is different with their own uniqueness. Students will be able to grow and develop in different ways and targets and have their own abilities and needs in learning. That’s why we treat every student special.

We help you find what you need in learning.
We test to measure your level of ability in learning.
We teach according to your needs and abilities.
We practice to know your learning results.

*Design of the learning curriculum is a collaboration of the Indonesian, Singaporean and Chinese curriculum

Professional Teacher

We select teachers very strictly, have gone through psychological tests (pedagogical personality) and
Intelligence/Skills both theoretical and practical from hundreds of applicants and have attended teaching training according to international standards that we have formed.

Strategic Location & Cozy Learning Place

Mandarin Enrichment Center for offline and online classes. We have an office which is quite easy to reach in the Capital City in South Jakarta. Equipped with modern learning facilities, teachers graduated from China and additional classes for character building class and private counseling. A building design equipped with exclusive and personal mini classrooms, we believe this will have a positive impact on the teaching and development environment for children.
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