Regular Program

Zhongxin Indonesia offers regular Mandarin Chinese courses year round. All classes are divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels in different age group. Students are assigned to different classes according to the result of the placement test and/or the student’s language proficiency. Each class is an hour and a half.


Mandarin Course for Kids

This program aims to cultivate children’s interest in learning Chinese and helps them build up good learning habits. The program covers all four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing and is divided into various levels from beginner to the advanced.

Students learn the basic character stroke order, begin practicing basic vocabulary and speaking in brief sentences on an array of essential topics – introductions, family, colours, food and animals – amongst others. As they progressed, we introduce more characters and more complex topics, as well as encouraging longer sentences and better pronunciation.


Mandarin Course for Teens

Learning Chinese as a second/foreign language can be a challenge for many international students so we help them improve their Chinese learning habits, learning strategies and tactics.

Likewise, we customized our courses in line with the students’ school curriculum like IB or IGCSE to ensure we are of the same page with them, and would bring good results.


Mandarin Course for Adults

Mandarin Courses for Adults are designed and delivered to help you maximize your Chinese learning results. Our courses can be personalized or customized to meet your specific needs and objectives.


Chinese Test Preparation Courses

IGCSE Chinese

Cambridge IGCSE Chinese can be taken as a First Language, Second Language or a Foreign Language.

Whichever IGCSE Chinese the student is taking, our preparation course aims at helping them acquire extensive vocabulary, sharpen their writing skills and improve their speaking ability.


•   New HSK Mandarin Standard Examination

The new HSK Examination is an international qualification assesses the Mandarin proficiency for non-native speakers, focusing on the Mandarin usage in daily life, in schools and workplace.  The HSK examination consists of the written and oral examinations.

The HSK exam has been launched by China’s Ministry of Education, therefore, it is the most authoritative test for the non-native Chinese speakers. The different levels of the new HSK are similar to the levels in the Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages (CLPS) and the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF).

Only with a HSK certificate can foreign students enroll in a Chinese university or college. The HSK test results also serve as a reference tool for employers when making recruiting decisions.


•    The New YCT Primary / Secondary Students Mandarin Examination

The new YCT Examination is an international qualification assesses the Mandarin proficiency for non-native speakers, focusing on the Mandarin usage in daily life and in schools. It is useful when applying for school courses or China study abroad programs.

The YCT consists of independent writing and speaking exams. The writing exam has both a listening and reading element.

Our HSK and YCT preparation class is customized for each student depending on their level. Our teachers will design a study plan for you after having tested your Chinese level. So that they can work out your exact Chinese level and see where you are with all the language areas such as; reading, listening, speaking and Chinese characters.